K12 360° Data Interoperability Solution makes data-driven school districts a reality. Districts can now solve complex data interoperability issues and access data-driven insights when they need it. With access to curated datasets, districts can generate insights and get answers to improve any functional area, such as Student Services, Special Education, Education Services, Human Resources and more. K12 360° Data Interoperability Solution is fully-managed, can be provisioned within minutes on Google Cloud, mitigates risks while lowering cost and allowing districts to have better control of their environment.

Jumpstart Learning with Analytics


  • Are students completing their assignments on time?
  • How many posts have been made in Google Classroom by student?
  • How many classrooms have been created by teacher?
  • What type of Google Drive documents, sheets, sites, and slides are being used in instruction by teacher and student?
  • Are students using their district Gmail to interact with their teachers and other students?

Remove Student Barriers for Equal Outcomes


  • Do all students have a device?
  • How many Google Drive documents have been created, edited and accessed for various student groups?
  • Are students with disabilities participating at an equal level to other students?
  • Are English Learner students logging in each day and creating content in Google? Drive at a pace equal to other students?
  • Are there any significant activity gaps among student groups?

Improve Student Performance with Data-Driven Insight


  • Are all students engaged and logging into Google every instructional day?
  • Which students have not been active for 3 days or more?
  • How many meetings have students and staff participated in by day?
  • How many emails have been sent and received by students and student group?
  • Which staff have not signed on or been active in the last 3 days?