Azure and Office 365 work together to power Texas startup Edbrix’s advanced

In today’s globalized economy, there is a constant demand to embrace a wide set of educational skills and knowledge and Texas based startup Edbrix Inc. is here to help. Edbrix has opened up the informational flood gates with their advanced interactive cloud based market place portal, exclusively designed to make E-learning simple, fun, and interactive. The only single sign-on learning platform for students, teachers, parents and administrators, Edbrix can be utilized worldwide, at all grade levels – including higher education. Edbrix leverages popular social networking technologies and integrates them into their active learning community – enabling users to teach, learn, communicate, and collaborate 24 hours a day, within a single dashboard, via numerous devices. According to Founder Ashutosh Parab, “We are dedicated to creating an environment for learning and developing educational solutions, for any environment. We really want to transform the e-learning experience so that it can benefit people of all education levels and learning rates.”

Edbrix connects users to different educational applications using open API’s – enabling both students and teachers to focus on learning activities rather than navigating between disconnected applications. “Hopefully”, continues Parab, “we can reduce the chaos and disarray that currently clouds the use of new technology in scholastic education and enterprise training.

A Microsoft BizSpark member, Edbrix facilitates its learning in a cost effective manner because it leverages on top of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft cloud technologies. The company also uses Office 365 API’s to connect office, video, and skype and improve document processing and communication between users. In addition to its connectivity, Edbrix integrates productivity tools and social networking apps to enhance the functionality of other Microsoft educational tools.

If you want to improve your learning, teaching, or just general knowledge check out Texas startup Edbrix’s new e-learning solution.

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