Case Studies


Set up prescription based online Professional Development Program with an ISD reporting module

How to make it easy for all ISD teachers to access a professional development program with an ability to generate reports


Snyder ISD had a vision to provide a structured online prescription based professional development program for the teachers in their district, including online professional development workshops to improve the quality of education in the district.

Snyder had set up the entire program using Google tools, but had difficulty in managing and distributing the information effectively. SIOP walkthrough forms in addition to the other forms like those for goal setting, preconference, post conference and observation were being collected manually, leading to cumbersome data collection and report generation.

The Edbrix team helped Snyder ISD implement Evalbrix and Eventbrix to achieve Snyder ISD’s dream of providing a comprehensive prescription based online PDP a reality.

Evalbrix enables the administrators to

  • Build courses with tests, videos and presentations including end of course certification
  • Create dynamic observation forms and generate reports based on observation
  • Create dashboards for teachers to manage their PDS and generate reports
  • All PD events at local and regional levels will be updated and available on teachers’ dashboard
  • Teachers can set goals, access reports and monitor progress

The outcome

Snyder ISD has successfully implemented Evalbrix and Eventbrix for all their campuses and more than 200 teachers are online to access the online PD and workshops.

Snyder ISD has uploaded 100 plus events as well as 100 courses to manage their online PD program successfully.


Set up easily accessible future and concluded Professional Development workshop information for mobile device.

How Region 5 streamlined their PD events using Eventbrix

Regional education service centers were created by the state legislature in 1967 when it became apparent that combining certain tasks common to each district would promote operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Approximately 87,000 students and more than 6,100 educators are the clients of our organization. Service and technical assistance is our focus and is provided in a non-regulatory environment. Their mission is to assist school districts in improving student performance while promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Region 5 was having difficulty communicating the professional development workshops and records to the teachers, administrators and superintendent. Having a clear vision in mind they wanted to manage more than 350 workshops and events.


Region 5 had a goal to successfully start and rollout this requirement for an event by August 2018. The Edbrix team helped them implement Eventbrix to meet their goal and the Region 5 Eventbrix App was launched on August 5, 2018.

Region 5 Eventbrix App enables teachers and administrators to be able to

  • Create events with detailed information
  • Set up organizers and add speakers
  • Register with an option for payment
  • Add events to their smart phonecalendars and favorites
  • Access information in various formats including presentations, flyers, videos, and brochures
  • Send notification and alerts

The outcome

Region 5 has started using the Region 5 App for all events that are managed internally by different departments, organizers and speakers effectively.

Region 5 is in the process of adding other applications to improve their PD and online PD operations using Evalbrix, Formbrix, Contentbrix and Knowledgebrix.