Content Brix Instructor Application can be installed on all tablets, (Android, Surface or iPad) and enables projection to existing displays (projector, and large screen TVs) using casting device such as Chromecast to provide a complete digital teaching experience. In addition, teachers can record lectures and lesson plans for review by students after the class. Edbrix provides the complete hardware and software solution based on the size and the requirements of the class.


  • Video recording

    Teachers can record the activities in the classroom, like group discussion, presentations, speeches and debates in addition to the explanation on the blackboard. The multimedia file can be easily uploaded on Knowledge brix or other cloud storage (Google drive, One drive, Dropbox or Box)

  • Whiteboard recording

    Using ContentBrix, instead of explaining a concept in front of a class in a formal lecture, a teacher can use the white board on their personal tablet interact with a group of students while projecting and recording the whiteboard on a large screen for other students. Using the ContentBrix, a teacher

    • Can write/annotate while recording
    • Annotation can be done using different size of pen and colors to emphasize and explain concepts
    • Can navigate to next page without erasing previous one and revert back to previous one when needed
    • Keep all content on white board without erasing for easy reference
    • Bring up a picture or take a photo using the tablet and import into the white board for explanation
    • Create a multimedia file explaining concepts and upload / share with students for review in home.
  • Advanced whiteboard

    Advanced whiteboard uses inbuilt artificial intelligence to help teachers solve many hand scribed mathematical equation via smart text with single click. Advanced Whiteboard enables creation of block diagram and geometrical images with a single click. The advanced whiteboard helps create smart text and smart document by converting often illegible handwriting into printed text. The main features of the Advanced Whiteboard are

    • Seamless integration with interactive pens like Apple Pencil™, Microsoft Surface Pen, Samsung S Pen, or Google Pixel Book Pen
  • Presentation

    Teachers can make interactive presentations to teach different concepts using annotation and voiceover using Content Brix and project on large screens.

    • Existing presentations can be uploaded on content brix creating different slides
    •   View the slides on white board, zoom out zoom in, delete and edit
    •   Add a blank slide for solving and annotation
    • Start recording with annotation and voice

Create, Upload and share

School district own video content that are created by teachers. There is no limit on number of videos or length of videos created. Teacher can share the videos on google classroom, google drive, Microsoft drive or drobox. Edbrix provides digital library called knowledge brix as part content brix. School can create their own digital library by adding the content directly to knowledge brix folder

  • Generate mp4 files with in second once the recording is done
  • Change the name and save
  • Upload directly from APP to knowledge Brix to digital library
  • Upload and share on google and Microsoft drive