Edbrix is launched!– The Only Interactive Collaborative Learning Platform.

Welcome to Edbrix and thank you for taking your time to learn a little about us. Edbrix is an Advanced Interactive Cloud Based Market Place Portal created especially for Schools, Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Professors, Coaches and Instructors. Our Market place portal gives Educationists the opportunity to professionally broadcast live audio and video, upload pre-recorded video, publish courses and incorporate reference documents to provide online learning and development.

A worldwide, single sign-on, easy to use, online portal built on top of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 platforms, connecting students, parents, teachers, and administrators on a single platform using state of the art technology for all learning activities. Edbrix will reduce current chaos and disarray in use of technology in scholastic education and enterprise training.

Edbrix facilitates E-Learning in a cost effective manner by leveraging existing software and cloud technologies while addressing the needs of all stakeholders in scholastic education and enterprise training sectors. Edbrix has incorporated the state of the art systems to ensure the integrity of the platform while providing the privacy and security of individuals and Institutions.

Edbrix Inc. is a vibrant technology company with a deep understanding of the educational market. We have development partnerships with Google and Microsoft. We have developed unique API connections and proprietary codes for interacting with Google Apps and Services. Our developers are technically equipped to understand the dynamics and changes in Google Services to implement and integrate into the Edbrix platform.

Key Features:

Universal Sign-On using Google and Microsoft – Core Educational Platform

Unique integration API capability bringing effective collaboration and communication among all stake holders

Edbrix is the Only platform that provides single click broadcast and record capability

Edbrix offers Study Group Creation for online collaboration communication so even if the students are not in class room they can still participate and communicate with their virtual classmates

Single Click Web meeting for simplified communication

Open XML and API’s allows Edbrix users to connect with thousands of Educational APPS

Our Proprietary Notes Generation Module for Edbrix allows students to create notes with a single click. Student can highlight topics allowing our advance search engine tools to find the best videos, the best articles, and the best questions/answer to provide a better and more in depth understanding on the subject matter.

Students and Teachers can access many Apps from our Edbrix App Market

With Edbrix Global Educational Platform, Teachers can collaborate and share the assignments, quizzes, and class curriculums readily.


Contact –aparab@edbrix.com. 972-510-7005