We embrace the Whole Child initiative of ASCD and believe that school districts, schools, teachers, and counselors can provide an enriched experience to students with the Whole Child approach. With Vantage, educators can gain a holistic understanding of each student, their individual needs, and engage with them in a manner that best works for their growth and achievement.

Lead with Insights

District Leadership

  • See learning resources used across teachers, courses, and schools
  • Monitor student engagement for remote learning
  • District, Course, & School Analytics

Actionable & Insightful Management

District Leadership

  • Send announcements to all students through Google Classroom
  • View student and teacher participation across classrooms
  • View and analyze grading patterns across subjects and grades
  • Provide insights into student engagement for counselors, IEP and student success teams
  • Easily create and administer school/district wide assessments and surveys through Google Classroom

Enhanced Classrooms for Educators


  • Roster students using data from SIS/ ODS
  • Send parent invitations
  • Create automatic invitations for co-teachers and RSP resources
  • See student participation in Google Meet and Google Classroom