School security has never been more relevant. In case of active shooters, fires, or inclement weather events, alerts need to be sent to appropriate authorities which has always been a challenge. SecurityBrix will help to alert or monitor these events effectively.


Mobile APP

  • Active shooter, Fire and weather alerts
  • Apple and Android app to initiate the alert
  • Singleclick to send the request to desired authorities


Easy alerts to multiple text messages
Monitor the person’s geo-location on map until everything is safe
Monitor movement tracking (buses, etc.)


  • Designed for notification to emergency response personnel, such as police & fire department
  • Manage the activity on Google map minute to minute

Easy to use

Simple app down load with large clickable buttons to send the alerts.

Flexible/ portable

It is easy and flexible for everybody to operate in case of emergency.


Complete reporting to see what time event happened or who has initiated and progress