School, religious institute or business security has never been more relevant. In case of an active shooter, fire or inclement weather, alerts need to be sent to appropriate authorities which has always been a challenge. Security brix is real time panic alert button available right on your phone and desktop will help to alert officials and monitor these events effectively with inbuilt tracking activity.


Panic Buttons

Mobile App has four main panic buttons. Active shooter, Weather, fire and help needed. User can click on the button system will send the text message alert to specified user or users based on the admin access.

Geo location Information

Message which is sent has tracking link which carries geo location of sender. Official gets the information on the mobile app or desk top on google map .

Geo Tracking

Once the alert is activated informer device will be tracked for better communication and support until official clear the tracking. When ever he moves official can see his moment .

Round Up

Round up feature will help official to send the alert or message to the rescue team such as bus driver or first informer and troops to gather to the location. Round up alert will send the text message with geo lactation link to specific team to gather one place . No need to call or no need send message individually.


This tab will allow to report the number of people stuck in incident and number of people rescue from incident . entire report will be available .


Upload all the resources and videos which are required for the taking care security aspects and documents and made available to event body .


Easy alerts to multiple text messages
Monitor the person’s geo-location on map until everything is safe
Monitor movement tracking (buses, etc.)


  • Designed for notification to emergency response personnel, such as police & fire department
  • Manage the activity on Google map minute to minute


Cost Effective

Small monthly or annual fee.


Secure text message communication.

Easy to install

Panic button installation easy and fast can be available to unlimited users.