Enhance the Educator Experience

Integrate Brix to craft an experience in which educators thrive. From professional development (PD) to administration, make sure your educators are supported every step of the way.

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Support Continued Educator Learning

Integrate the Brix you need to create a complete end-to-end system of professional development (PD) supports.

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Centralized PD Resources

Ensure all staff have ready access to self-guided PD resources. KnowledgeBrix is an easy-to-use application for creating digital libraries.  Curate courses using any content in your digital library. Or, access over 350 open source PD courses readily available in EvalBrix.

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Automate Event Management

Make it easier for staff to manage and access PD or other HR-related events with EventBrix. Manage event registration, including multi-session events and online events, and easily community with attendees. 

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Recommend PD Based on Teacher Need

Easily understand who has taken what PD and which PD your staff needs. In EvalBrix, monitor teacher evaluations and automatically recommend or assign PD based on evaluation performance. 

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Ensure Schools and Districts Have Quality Educators 

Automate the job application process, employee onboarding, and ongoing teacher evaluation. 

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Make It Easier to Find Quality Job Applicants

JobBrix is built specifically for school districts to efficiently post job opportunities and automate the process of collecting applications from prospective staff. The easy-to-use templates provide a convenient experience for administrators, whereas applicants are provided a user-friendly online portal. JobBrix integrates with WebBrix and/or AppBrix to readily communicate opportunities to the community. 

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Make Employee Onboarding Convenient

Use FormBrix to collect routine employee information and gather mandated certifications. Then, use EvalBrix to ensure important resources, such as the employee handbook, are readily available. Also, build an onboarding website with WebBrix to integrate everything into one place, including all forms, training videos, and important information. 

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Continuously Evaluate Performance

Use EvalBrix to document evaluations of teacher performance based on state and district standards. Improve transparency among staff by ensuring all teachers and administrators have secure, centralized access to the same information. 

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Support Ongoing Administration and Communication Activities

Spend less time on vital activities like form management and website development with user-friendly application interfaces designed for use in schools and districts. 

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Automate Teacher Requests and Other Forms

Build secure, dynamic forms using templates in FormBrix that are designed for common uses such as travel and supplies reimbursement, technology request forms, registration forms, and more. Plus, securely gather required certifications or other documents for HR purposes.

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Communicate to the Community with a Website

Give the community timely information about upcoming events, important dates, student achievements, school accolades, and more. With user-friendly and pre-built templates in WebBrix, quickly create and manage your school’s or district’s website. WebBrix is easy to manage regardless of skill.

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Provide One Place for All Resources

Use AppBrix to create an app that stores all resources and information needed by students and their families. Also, develop apps for specific needs. For example, create an app that provides teachers with all the operational resources they need, including the employee handbook, required forms, calendar of events, and more. 

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