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EdBrix helps customize and modernize student learning and educational experiences with easy-to-use applications that integrate to build a foundation for support

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Built by educators, for educators

Support a Modern Student Experience

In the contemporary world of K12 education, our educational systems must be flexible and allow the ability to conduct class in-person or on-screen and in real-time or asynchronously.

To fit modern needs, many districts often purchase many different applications from various software vendors -- causing a headache due to licensing issues, logins and access problems, in addition to a lack of integration with one another. 

With EdBrix, create one easy-to-use integrated system to support a modern student experience.

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Empowered Educator Experience

For students to thrive in K12 education, our educators must be able to thrive as well. Quality educators are informed educators who have access to and an understanding of the operational and data analysis resources available to them. Informed and learner-centered educators also continuously participate in professional development (PD) courses that enhance the instructional experience. 

With EdBrix, ensure your educators have the correct information from the beginning with an efficient employee onboarding experience. Make ongoing PD convenient with an online portal of curated resources available to teachers 24/7 in addition to PD event management capabilities. Automate the process of recommending PD to educators, and ensure your educators have the information they need to support continuous teacher improvement.

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School Systems of Support

EdBrix helps administrators create a school system of support to automate and facilitate ongoing activities in your school or district. 

Ensure transparency and communication to students, families, and the community with your school’s or district’s self-managed website or mobile app. Easy-to-use templates make updates fast and easy for any skill level. 

Support human resource activities such as automating the process of advertising job opportunities and receiving applications. In addition, support essential risk management activities with secure forms to gather permission or other information.

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Perfect for small, medium, or large districts

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Convenient Integration Capabilities

Brix are easy to integrate with one another and existing LMS, SIS, or other educational systems to create a seamless experience or workflow.

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Easy to Use Interface

Designed with educator input, all of the Brix are easy to use and intuitive for students and teachers. Don’t worry about spending too much valuable time learning how to use EdBrix.

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Customize the Ideal Learning Experience

Select the Brix that suit your district’s needs, and add Brix later if you need to. There are infinite possibilities to build what you want to create.

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Build Systems of Support to Fit Your District's Needs

Whether your district is small, medium, or large, the power is in your hands to build a system of supports to fit your district’s needs.

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