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With EdBrix, your school district is empowered to build the student experience that fits your goals and needs. Solve individual needs or build an end-to-end solution - it's up to you.

Female student with large pencil checking off boxes on a form

Getting Set Up and Ready

The student experience begins with schools collecting information about the student and everyday, essential administrative tasks such as gathering signatures on acceptable use policies. FormBrix simplifies the life of administrators and educators who are responsible for collecting information, providing the ability to create attractive, secure, and user-friendly forms with no coding experience.

Access forms from any mobile device or PC
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The process for gathering form data and integrating with other datasets is easy and efficient. With FormBrix, there’s no more dealing with common problems, like…

  • Integrating data with SIS systems or other third-party applications
  • Expensive digital signature authentication
  • No ability to pre-populate data
  • Integrating payment systems, such as PayPal or Stripe


Create future-forward students using instructional techniques fit for the modern age.  Today’s students require technology skills that will ensure their post-secondary success. Begin exposure to modern technology in a curriculum designed around a digital experience. Brix like GameBrix, ContentBrix, and KnowledgBrix integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to provide digital content to students in any educational setting. 

Record live whiteboarding in ContentBrix
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  • Create engaging lessons for any class environment using GameBrix or the ContentBrix advanced whiteboarding and video recording capabilities
  • Take handwritten notes with diagrams or geometric images on the advance whiteboard and use modern AI technology to convert written notes to text 
  • Create, upload, and share presentations with convenient annotations and voiceover
  • Use videos the teacher recorded in class or generate fresh content using ContentBrix and easily store in KnowledgeBrix
  • Create a digital content library with complete course content and related resources in KnowledgeBrix
Male student sitting cross-legged with a laptop in his lap

Handling Homework

Along with modern instructional techniques, adopt a modern, paperless approach to homework with AssignBrix. Use existing templates, important assignments from your LMS, or create them from scratch in the online application. Students can access their assignments from anywhere using a laptop or tablet (Apple or Android). 

Assignbrix screenshot
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  • The application is easy to use for students and teachers.
  • Smooth the transition from paper-based to paperless assignments using PDFs with annotations that mimic the experience of paper-based assignments.
  • Mitigate plagiarism and cheating with the Safe Exam Browser.
  • Easily upload compatible files from your LMS or standards-based tests to quickly create assignments.
Female student laying on the floor at home while doing work on a tablet
Male student sitting at desk and looking at computer screen with a video conferencing app open

Dealing with Disruptions

Make sure your school or district is prepared to handle unexpected class disruptions like global pandemics or weather emergencies. To ensure student engagement is not compromised, districts often turn to video conferencing tools. ContentBrix includes video conferencing capabilities designed specifically for use in K12 education with the ability to easily integrate with other EdBrix applications or your LMS, providing a complete end-to-end solution for handling classroom disruptions.

Create different groups for PD, extracurriculars, and more.
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  • Encourage effective student engagement when disruptions occur.
  • Instruction does not have to suffer during a disruption with features like a built-in whiteboard, polls, hand raising, and the ability to integrate with other Brix
  • Use ContentBrix in the classroom to securely record lessons and share them with students who are unable to come to class.

Staying Connected Outside of Class

A key part of parent, family, and caregiver engagement is sharing actionable information with students and families using direct one-to-one and group text messaging. MessageBrix facilitates this vital communication between educators and students or families with easy-to-use contact organization and messaging built for use in educational settings. 

Easily add and remove users to groups
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  • As a teacher or administrator, manage all your messages in one place and automatically log them for monitoring purposes.
  • Easily control who you send your messages to: quickly send information to individual students or parents or to groups like entire classes or grades. Or, broadcast messages to your entire school in case of emergency.
  • Connect to your student information system (SIS) to trigger alerts.
Hand holding a cell phone with a text messaging app open
Two students, one male and one female, standing in graduation caps and gowns on a giant pencil

Preparing for College, Career, and Life

Accomplishments are a key aspect to a well-rounded education. With LevelBrix, students can easily document their accomplishments and guide themselves toward achieving the academic career necessary to become college, career, and life-ready. Designed by educators, LevelBrix helps generate a student profile or resumé that can be used by educators to monitor student process and growth as well as students as they embark on post-secondary life. 

View a complete student resumé with graphs showing progress over time in LevelBrix
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  • Provides opportunities for students to take control of their own paths to individual post-secondary success.
  • Students are able to incrementally build a well-rounded resumé that can be used in post-secondary life, whether they choose college or career.
  • Parents have a source for monitoring their student’s growth and progress over their entire educational career.

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