Enrollment Management Platform by EdBrix

Streamlined enrollment Application Management
with Families in Mind

Replace cumbersome paper-based applications and optimize the application management process, ensuring better organization, enhanced communication, and a more efficient enrollment experience for families. The platform provides a seamless experience in an end-to-end application management solution:

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Deliver a simple, intuitive user experience for families


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Give families the convenience of scheduling school visits or interviews


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Provide families with the freedom to apply to their choice


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Manage configurable workflows and a built-in lottery system


Convenience, Organization, and Accessibility

The Enrollment Management Platform is designed to emphasize convenience, organization, and accessibility, catering to the needs of busy families. Learn how the portal supports the needs of applying students and families.


Enrollment Portal by EdBrix
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Streamlined Application Process

The Enrollment Management Platform provides a centralized, efficient online platform where families can complete and submit applications to schools, programs, and/or permits - plus new enrollments.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix - apply for multiple students with one account
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Multi-Student Support

The Enrollment Management Platform supports families with multiple enrolled students to reduce the number of login IDs to keep track of and centralize the family’s information in one account.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix - track application status
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Tracking Application Status

The Enrollment Management Platform allows families to track the status of their applications in real-time, providing transparency and reducing anxiety about the application process.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix- schedule interviews or walkthroughs in the application
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Scheduling Interviews or Visits

The scheduling capabilities allow applying families to book appointments such as interviews or school visits at their convenience.

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Effective Communication

Families receive emails and alerts, ensuring they receive timely updates about their application, important dates, or required actions.

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Accessibility and Convenience

Being online, the Enrollment Management Platform is accessible 24/7, allowing families to work on applications at their convenience, without being bound by office hours.

How does the Enrollment Management Platform help Administrators?

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Configurable Application Process

Structure the portal according to your district’s application workflows with sections for student selection, guardian information, program selection, eligibility criteria, and more, ensuring a thorough and user-friendly application process.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix - choose between program management or permit application management
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School, Permit, or Program Applications

The Enrollment Management Platform provides capabilities for managing different types of student applications. Manage and customize application workflows for schools, programs, or intra/inter-district permits.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix - Percentage of Students Meeting Priorities
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Data-Driven Decision Making

Embedded analytics help administrators understand trends in application numbers, student demographics, and demand for certain programs, aiding in future planning and resource allocation.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix- Total lotteries conducted
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Personalized Lottery System

Customize the lottery requirements in the automated lottery system according to your district’s current rules and regulations to always stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix- Total count of eligible applications
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Automated Waitlist Management

Set waitlist criteria and automatically manage waitlists by tracking the number of available spots and the number of students waiting. When a spot becomes available, the Enrollment Management Platform automatically offers it to the next eligible student on the list, ensuring a fair and efficient process.

Enrollment Portal by EdBrix - parent notifications screenshot
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Effective Communication

Configure automated emails and alerts and centralize information in one place to ensure families receive timely updates about their application, important dates, or required actions.

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