A personalized App (on iOS and Android) is a very good avenue for schools and school districts to impart timely & relevant information & be in touch with parents. App Brix provides a very easy to use platform for schools to have a connected ecosystem, where Parents are connected with teachers, students as well as school administration.


  • Access student information (exam schedule, course, syllabus)
  • Track student progress (assignments, scores, progress reports)
  • Fill and submit Forms
  • Get latest news updates (school, sports, social media)
  • Connect with Teachers/Coaches (call/email)
  • Set up appointments
  • Send feedback


  • Notifications (from Teachers/Coaches/school admin)
  • Announcements (campus info., daily activities, inclement weather alerts, school-related threats/warnings)
  • News feed (Sports news, school events & happenings)
  • Scheduling and attending online meetings


  • Admin Console to manage App features
  • Role based user access to APP features
  • Update staff directory
  • Video and photo gallery
  • Integration with other Brix (Event, Form, Connect)
  • Integrate with
    • Payment Gateway
    • Google Calendar
    • Social media (FB/TW/G+)
    • 3rd party apps like Lunch portal/ Payment Portal / SIS