K12 360° Data Interoperability Solution makes data-driven school districts a reality. Districts can now solve complex data interoperability issues and access data-driven insights when they need it. With access to curated datasets, districts can generate insights and get answers to improve any functional area, such as Student Services, Special Education, Education Services, Human Resources and more. K12 360° Data Interoperability Solution is fully-managed, can be provisioned within minutes on Google Cloud, mitigates risks while lowering cost and allowing districts to have better control of their environment.


Key features

  • Complete interoperability leveraging Ed-Fi and Google APIs
  • Access to integrated and transformed district and classroom data
  • Robust architecture and infrastructure leveraging the Ed-Fi data standard and Google Cloud technologies
  • Longitudinal data warehouse to support scalability and sustainability while lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Ability to configure reports which meet department needs

Key Components of the Data Interoperability Solution


Innive and Google worked closely with the Ed-Fi Alliance to make changes so that the ODS could work efficiently on the Google Cloud Platform. The Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) provides a secure, transactional information store that integrates data from multiple source systems and applications.

Google Workspace & Classroom Integration

The solution integrates with Google Workspace and combines it with student and staff demographic data from the Ed-Fi ODS. This integration is critical in measuring student engagement and is helping educators make decisions to improve student outcomes.

K12 360° Data Sets

K12 360° Data Sets are optimized to support the needs of educators and administrators in today’s environment— such as student engagement, college and career readiness, student learning, and special ed service delivery. The data sets are stored in BigQuery tables and can be accessed via Google Sheets and Data Studio as well as many third-party tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Excel, or Power Bi.

K12 360° Data Connections

K12 360° Data Connections enables integrating data from sources that do not provide an Ed-Fi API. It enables districts to define data sources and individual datasets within each source. It supports multiple modes of ingestion via pre-built connectors, including csv, xls and API integration

Interoperability Knowledgebase

Our knowledge base supplements Ed-Fi to provide Districts on how to achieve interoperability for specific subject areas and incorporates best practice for data governance, privacy and other data issues.

K12 360° Data Warehouse

K12 360° Data Warehouse enables district data to be combined and viewed longitudinally so that educators can measure and monitor student learning and other key operational attributes over time. The solution uses Google BigQuery to support real-time decision making for educators and district staff and gives them the freedom to scale easily and cost-effectively.

Google Cloud Platform

The solution leverages innovations of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the same infrastructure that Google uses for its products, such as Google Search, Workspace, Gmail, and YouTube. It allows districts to innovate faster and make smarter decisions. GCP’s secure and modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning ensure that the data scales better, access is protected and data is secure in compliance with federal and state privacy laws.