Most activities in a school require significant planning to manage the logistics and possible number of participants. Events in school can range from parent-teacher conferences, school annual events for students, to district wide training seminars for teachers. Managing and conducting events is handled by Educators or Admin staff using various tools which often leads to poor data capture and data consolidation issues. Eventbrix empowers users to customize every school event, to the very last detail; including schedules, speakers and their bios, promoting, sending invitations, sharing pre/post event images and presentations, managing alerts and notifications, and publishing the outcome of the events.


  • Create events with
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Description
  • Fee


  • Add multiple sessions within an Event including schedule details and registration fees
  • Speaker profiles
  • Event Organizers


  • Event Registration (Free or Paid)
  • Registration for individual sessions
  • Notification to registered users
  • Share collaterals by organizers or Speakers
  • Share Event Media


  • Share Events
  • Add to Calendar
  • Add in Favorites