There's more to a website beyond a beautiful design, colors, fonts and images. Personalizing the website is what makes it a unique experience for your community. Websites provide a very good avenue for schools and school districts to distinguish their online presence. Besides curriculum and academics, visitors of school sites want to know what is the school's culture and personality, what are the school's goals, priorities and accomplishments, what are their schedules and happenings, how will the students benefit upon enrolling…. and so on. Administrators are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their school or district's information is easily available, it is current and relevant, so that their audiences can actively participate in their student's success.
Webbrix is a user-friendly platform for Campuses to keep their community up-to-date on school activities,important events, achievements and accolades.


  • Design beautiful sites using templates
  • Completely CMS driven
  • Integrate Calendar with Google Calendar


Seamless Integration with Formbrix, Eventbrix, Knowledgebrix


  • Provide role-based access to users
  • News updates
  • Event updates


  • Responsive
  • Secure
  • Interactive